Investment process

Individual profile

  • We focus on your perso­nal needs and goals.
  • We work toge­ther to find the invest­ment stra­tegy that is best suited to your parti­cu­lar situa­tion.
  • Your liqui­dity requi­re­ments influ­ence both the stra­tegy that needs to be taken as well as the invest­ment selec­tion.
  • In addi­tion to bespoke and success­ful invest­ment solu­ti­ons, this process also results in lasting client rela­ti­ons­hips.

Analysis, economy, markets, politics

  • Politics
    Political uncer­tain­ties are incre­a­singly impac­ting global econo­mic deve­lo­p­ments. We use leading indi­ca­tors as part of our deci­sion-making process enab­ling us to imple­ment measu­res proac­tively.
  • Economy
    We process econo­mic data on an ongo­ing basis, and link the results closely to our invest­ment deci­si­ons. In addi­tion to coun­try-speci­fic deve­lo­p­ments, local deve­lo­p­ments are also taken into account.
  • Markets Market and sector-speci­fic deve­lo­p­ments and key indi­ca­tors provide infor­ma­tion about growth poten­tial as well as trends. We deploy the results when selec­ting invest­ments and when balan­cing oppor­tu­nities and risks.

Investment Committee

  • The Committee, consi­sting of expe­ri­en­ced invest­ment profes­sio­nals, deci­des on the binding tacti­cal asset allo­ca­tion (TAA) for all invest­ment profiles.
  • Tactical deci­si­ons have a major impact on invest­ment outco­mes. The Committee deci­des prima­rily on the weight­ing per asset class and region.
  • The deci­sion-making process entails obser­ving the over­all invest­ment policy envi­ron­ment on an ongo­ing basis as well as prepa­ring fore­casts on all rele­vant factors.

Model portfolio

  • Implementation of the tacti­cal deci­si­ons.
  • Investment selec­tion based on sector and indu­stry prospects.
  • Selection of actively or passi­vely mana­ged invest­ment funds to cover special topics.


  • Implementing the invest­ment deci­si­ons in your port­fo­lio.
  • Cost-effec­tive reali­sa­tion of allo­ca­tion adjust­ments.
  • Careful proces­sing within the context of existing market prices and market depth.

Ongoing monitoring

  • Your port­fo­lio is moni­to­red on a daily basis.
  • We follow macroeco­no­mic and econo­mic policy deve­lo­p­ments closely, and use our short deci­sion-making chan­nels.
  • Investments are compa­red with our expec­ta­ti­ons, asses­sed and checked for effec­ti­ve­ness within the port­fo­lio context.
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